SCAMS: Au Pair/Nanny/Driver Ads


My name is Drake and we are urgently in need of a serious workers to work in my home as Au pair/Nanny/babysitter,Chef,Security guard,Driver,Home attendance. We are based in U.S.A. (Boston Massachusetts) for more info about the job you can contact me on my E-mail or Pm me on Facebook
E mail::

Sounds familiar? Feel excited. Careful, posts like this are examples of a long running job posting scam.

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What makes these posts scams?

  1. No sane parent would look for a nanny online without proven credentials, training, certificates, visas, etc. Would you even entrust your own baby to a stranger?
  2. Salary offer is $3,000 a month? The average salary of an au pair in the U.S. is $800 a month and that’s like more or less, $10,000 annually. The salary offer is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
  3. Salary offer for a personal driver is $3,000 weekly? That’s absurd. Chauffeurs in the US makes an average of  $300 to $500 weekly. If you don’t believe me, check this page:
  4. Application is directly to the employing family? Foreigners go through recruitment agencies or au pair agencies for background checking, training and orientation. If the employer is talking directly to you, take note of it. It’s a SCAM.
  5. Check the profile. Scammers use at least a month or just A-DAY OLD profile. Look at this example. Her profile picture, her marriage date and cover photos were only added less than 24 hours. Her FB account doesn’t even have a timeline history on it!

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  6. The definite indicator: the employer will asks you for money. What kind of employer ask an applicant for money?

Don’t fall for this kind of schemes.

  1. Report the account
  2. Warn others about such postings
  3. Call or notify the authorities

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