Facebook Users who VIOLATED JHP rules

JHP Facebook Rules

  1. Posting of sham companies, MLMs, Networking, Ponzi, computer, online scams are STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  2. Selling and buying are PROHIBITED as well
  3. No posting under another job posters post.
  4. Don’t make hasty claims that a company is scam without PROOF.


Mae Jalia Dagupio

Violation: Networking/Business

mae jalia.PNG




Joshua Dalisay

Violation: Online Job/MLM/Networking

joshua dalisay.PNG



Resie Ferraro Gube

Violation: Selling

resie ferraro gube.PNG




Mark Kim Fababeir

Violation: Working for Assure





Edrose Jane Z. Timbal

Violation: Selling of merchandise




Sarkar Kumar

gmail: sadiahsakensales@gmail.com

Violation: Fake job

sarkar jiban kumar.PNG




Samantha Liziouss Faulkerson

Violation: Online Scams

samantha faulkerson.PNG




JD Villaruel

Violation: Not mentioning company name

JD Villaruel.PNG


Maria Criselda C. Olesco

Violation: Business post

maria criselda c olesco



Anne Javier

Violation: Not mentioning company name

anne javier



Jomar Alcantara

Violation: Posting MLM/Networking posts

jomar t alcantara

Lime Tantiado

Violation: Not mentioning company name

lime tantiado



Jhon Tayao

Violation: Not stating company name

john tayao



Cheryl Alpas

Violation: Working for Assure

cheryl alpas



Joseph Shu

Violation: Working for  for Interush (Ponzi scheme)

joseph shu



Lorna David Manalo

Violation: Selling

lorna david manalo



Hillary Hubac

Violation: Failed to provide company name

hillary hubac.PNG



Jean Rose de Guzman

Violation: Company name not stated
(asked but didn’t reply even after more than 10 hours)



Macy Domalanta

Violation: Selling/Buying post

Macy Domalanta



Loui Vitualla

Violation: Online/Internet Scam

Loui Vitalla



Irish Marie Fadullo

Violation: Selling/MLM/Networking post

Irish Mae Fadullo



Marvin Pasamba

Violation: Company name not listed under DOLE

marvin pasamba

Working for Assure Inc



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