Expert Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS)

Expert Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS)

Expert Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS) is a world-class, comprehensive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) entity in global management and outsourcing services. EGS has one of the most comprehensive, unique, and compelling BPO offerings in the marketplace. Our clients have the benefit of a fully scaled and global partner serving all aspects of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry.

Centralized and Scaled Global Partner
Expert Global Solutions is the holding company and manages both APAC and NCO brands in the market, addressing the needs of its customers as a fully scaled and global partner serving all aspects of the CRM and ARM customer lifecycle. EGS offers clients the unique complement of scale and a customized CRM and ARM service delivery platform.

A Firm with Strong Support
Expert Global Solutions is owned by One Equity Partners, the private investment arm of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Established in 2001 and managing $10 billion of investments and commitments for JPMorgan Chase & Co., One Equity Partners makes private investments behind compelling business ideas and strong management teams.

Complete Lifecycle Solution Support

Verticals | Cable, Telecom, Utilities, Retail, Government, Healthcare, Education, Financial, Technology, Insurance, Trans/Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Travel & Hospitality, Commercial

Acquisition | Pre-Sales/Sales, Order Taking, Cross-Sale/Up-Sale, Lead Generation, Product Information, Sales Verifications, Reservations

Service/Support | Technical Support, Tier 1-4 Helpdesk, Customer Inquiries, Account Change/Updates, Billing Information, Loyalty Programs, Warranty Support, Internet Support, Hardware/ Software Support

Resolution | First/Third Party Receivables, Financial Care, Pre/Post Charge-O, Early Fraud, Credit Activation, Property Recovery, Skip Tracing, Attorney Services


Job Qualifications and Description:

  • Can successfully communicate with customers to gather information and learn about their needs and expectations
  • Collaborate with others to ensure the customer issues are resolved

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