Learn Tagalog Fast

Contact: Phil Smithson


We are a startup.

Learn Tagalog Fast is looking for a native Tagalog speaker who can work 4 hours per day (4pm to 8pm) in Makati.

Your responsibilities will include:

> Leading the Tagalog lessons for foreigners based on the educational material provided.
> Creating new educational material.
> Marketing lessons and responding to sales inquiries.

You should:

> Be able to practice empathy
> Have an excellent grasp of English (…and obviously Tagalog)
> Have experience teaching (or be interested to learn)
> Understand the complexities in learning languages (or be interested to learn)

Salary range: 15 – 20k per month (yes, for only 4 hours per day)

No specific college level required; being a good teacher is more about personality than what you studied at university.

Interested applicants may apply by sending a cover letter here: philsmithson@gmail.com


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