Batch 2 of Facebook Users who VIOLATED JHP rules

JHP Facebook Rules

  1. Posting of sham companies, MLMs, Networking, Ponzi, computer, online scams are STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  2. Selling and buying are PROHIBITED as well
  3. No posting under another job posters post.
  4. Don’t make hasty claims that a company is scam without PROOF.



Carl Mark Buenafe

Violation: Cromitech (not under SEC nor DOLE)

carl mark buenafe.PNG



Eddie Babon Jr

Violation: Networking, MLM


eddie babonjr.PNG



Kevin Aron Ganiola

Violation: Working for a Scam Company (Prolific)

kevin aron ganiola.PNG



Rhose Enderez Correa

Violation: Selling

rhose enderez.PNG



Don Balberona

Violation: MLM, Networking, Business

don balberona.PNG

Rochelle Rausa

Violation: Networking/Selling

rochelle rausa.PNG

Zetteski Liz

Violation: Selling

zetterski li

Gayelle Faith Mendoza Juan

Violation: MLM/Networking


Philip Jackson

Violation: Works for Assure Healthcard

Philip Jackson



Kris Lopez

Violation: Selling/MLM/Networking

kris lopez


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