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CONTACT: Mika Aldaba

Thinking Machines Data Science is a global data science consultancy founded in the Philippines. We’re a company made up of intellectually curious, civic-minded coffee addicts with a love of travel and binge-watching TV shows. We’re constantly learning during our down time, whether it’s honing new skills or developing new ones, and make it a practice to share our knowledge with the team.

Our client list includes international NGOs, news agencies, tech startups on both sides of the Pacific, and major corporations. We deliver quality work for our clients, our community, and ourselves. Our website is

We are looking for a data designer to join us. This is a rare opportunity to work on interesting data visualization projects for local and international clients. With the possibilities of the power of AI in the foreground, data literacy is increasingly becoming a necessity for designers. Learn about other aspects of data and more from our interdisciplinary team.


Job Title:
Data Designer

Reporting to: Founder and CEO

Are you ready to take your design career to the future? In a world where advances in artificial intelligence are reported more frequently, designers need to be able to keep up and evolve with the growing technology. We shouldn’t think about robots learning how to design. Our future is about how we can use algorithms to improve our design. The designers of today must understand how to work with data or risk falling behind. Be one of the first designers in the country to have an expertise in the art of data visualization.

Be part of a dynamic data science startup that’s results-oriented, civic-minded, and invests in the growth of every person on the team.

We are a data science consultancy seeking a data designer to join our small team of data scientists, designers and engineers. This is a new position in a young startup so there is a lot of room to make the role your own and to shape the way the company runs in the future. This is a great opportunity for someone who Gets Things Done, and wants to learn about a brand new industry while helping a high-powered team of very smart people Get a Whole Lot of Things Done. You’ll be reporting directly to the CEO and will be exposed to decision making at all levels of the company. The better you do, the bigger the projects you’ll be working on. Depending on your skills and interests, we’ll find solid projects that’ll fit your career trajectory with us.

There is no set list of responsibilities but the following is an incomplete but representative list of things you can expect to be doing:

  • being the design lead of our projects from gathering requirements to the main design process to presenting the final output
  • communicating the designs to the team and to the client
  • prototyping and developing static and interactive data visualization
  • basic data analysis
  • writing stories for our data blog
  • teaching data visualization workshops

Responsibilities will never include:

  • making coffee (unless it’s for yourself, or you’re feeling really generous)
  • personal tasks for team members
  • anything other team members are not willing to do themselves

We’re looking for someone who meets the following profile:


  • Creativity and Passion-we need designers who know how to think of solutions beyond the usual existing ones. The nerdier you are about your interests, the better. People who like diverse things tend to bring more perspectives to the table.
  • Efficiency-we need designers who can think fast and execute fast while maintaining a high quality output
  • Strong sense of initiative—you’re expected to pitch new story projects that you would like to work on
  • Flexibility—we’re a small team so we’re looking for someone willing to roll up their sleeves and do whatever needs doing. We’re also a young startup, so our work and our organizational structure are constantly evolving (with your help). We need someone who can learn and adapt quickly to new circumstances.
  • Social intelligence— it’s extremely important that you work well with others and thrive in an environment with lots of teamwork and interpersonal interaction

Qualifications and Competencies

  • A minimum of two years work experience in a design-related role. UX design experience would be ideal. Sorry fresh grads, this isn’t a role for you.
  • A human centric design philosophy coupled with a design style that is compatible with our branding
  • High comfort level with Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or Sketch
  • Big bonus points for reading Edward Tufte’s books, a background in data analysis, or familiarity with programming languages like Python, D3/JavaScript or R

We can offer you the following benefits:

  • Flex-time policy — regular work from home and remote working days are options after probation period. Most members of our team maintain regular office hours of 10am – 4pm, and spend the rest of their workday at home.
  • Individual professional development budget— an annual budget for conferences, training courses, books and software is available to sharpen your skills and build new ones to help you grow in your role
  • Full health benefits—generous health insurance package
  • Regular 1:1 meetings with the CEO to discuss career and personal goals, job progress and any questions and concerns


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