Housekeepers (Domestic Helpers) Japan


  1. At least 23 years old
  2. With minimum 1 year experience on housekeeping services
  3. TESDA NC II Qualification
  4. with Japanese language competency , at least the N4 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

Job Responsibilities

Housekeepers are then expected to clean households;
care and protect children, including picking up and dropping off;
perform acts necessary for daily life at home, such as sewing, packing,
receiving packages and mails, prepare beddings, gardening, and repair services;
and assisting and accompanying senior citizens

(No placement fees to be collected)

Domestic Helpers are paid Php 66,000 (in peso) and may earn net pay of Php 25,000. Work is 5 days a week. HSWs pay accommodation and their own food.

Click here for available JOB ORDERS in Japan:



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