Demonized Media

Wow, I’m amazed that our President Rodrigo Duterte is getting so much attention. Good and bad publicity, still publicity. But what’s more impressive is the great number of people (local and foreign nationals) who got duped by the media.

Well, many people love vines and thought, hey, the Philippine President just cursed. OMG! OMG! A mass murderer! A mad man! Poor Philippines!!! And that’s just a 10-second video.

R.I.P. Brain LOL XD

And many people believed the allegations of the witness that says McDonald’s is a hotel and failed to kill one guy even if there were 30 hitmen. But I can’t blame them, I mean, if that’s the only information many IQ deficient people can process, then so be it. It’s not surprising if they take fabricated lies (and these are not even well-polished ones) as truth. I remember major news publications post hoax, satirical articles without validating them first.





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