Welcome to JHP’s Blog

Hi! Welcome to JHP’s blog.

I created Job Hiring Philippines less than a year ago and we grew to more than 3,000 members already. To express my sincerest desire to help, I decided to create a WordPress site so job seekers would find it easier to search for jobs (especially since earlier posts can get buried below recent posts.)

You may use the menu, the search bar or even the tags listed below each post.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit this site more often and better yet, refer this to your friends!


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WORK LEVEL 1:  clerks, receptionist, kitchen staff, cashier, attendant, messenger, driver, collector, security guard, internet/cable installer,office staff, janitor, cashier etc.

WORK LEVEL 2: big truck drivers, waiter, waitress, admin assistant, human resources assistant, tutors, marketing associate, staff, management trainee, etc.

WORK LEVEL 3: call center agents, managers, supervisors, professional teachers, nurses, web developers, programmers, etc.