Jover Laurio: The Hero of LP

When the identity of the blogger behind “Pinoy Ako Blog” was revealed by RJ Nieto (Thinking Pinoy), I can’t help but wonder how she was able to manage to get mainstream media attention (like interviews with Rappler, ANC, ABS CBN or BBC).

If you’re a Filipino and an anti-Duterte, it’s easy to sympathize and relate to this woman. A blogger who opted to remain anonymous and unfortunately for her, got unmasked by the opposing bloggers from the other side of the fence.

Honestly, there are lots of anonymous anti Duterte sites and Facebook pages: Madam Claudia, Silent no More, Superficial Gazette, Thinking Millenials and many more.

One thing you notice though, that most Anti-Duterte authors prefer to be anonymous. And most of which, don’t contain anything intellectually stimulating. Most are libelous, lacking of data and personality driven. It’s as if those who wrote these posts are not written by an aspiring lawyer.





Jover Laurio posted a writing regarding Piston’s nationwide jeepney strike and against modernization of PUJs. She said that she thought the President loves the people but doesn’t care if these drivers go hungry.

She only highlighted the price of a jeep . She didn’t even bother to do her own research.

“Eto nakuha ko lang po sa internet” <– This is the only thing I got on the Internet.


She failed to mention that the loan is subsidized by the government through Land bank.The jeeps are eco-friendly too (Euro-4 compliant). Jeepney drivers will have a chance to have their own jeeps and no longer need to pay operators for boundaries. The old jeepneys pose danger to other drivers and pedestrians. She failed to even mention that angle.



Another blatant and biased news is her reporting that Leni Robredo was able to counter Bato’s statement urging her to help the president.


But because Jover Laurio is a Leni Robredo supporter, she forgot that Leni herself had a standee





And another post saying that all policemen should be like Byron Allatog


She is saying that police shouldn’t kill and be different like Byron Allatog. I think she has selective amnesia. DRUG LORDS, PUSHERS AND ADDICTS are not getting killed FOR THE FIRST TIME in HISTORY. Criminals die WAY WAY BACK, even before Duterte’s presidency. And there are police scalawags before PRRD became president.

And take note these are the real figures


If there’s an order to kill, considering that 1,266,966 people surrendered and 2,692 died (data from April 2017), the number of drug related deaths didn’t even reach 1% of the total number of surrenderers.

Jover Laurio is a hero to anti-Dutertes and a good representative, an epitome of what anti Duterte’s are like. Liars…


Jover Laurio will be sued by a pro Duterte blogger, Sass SasotDuterte blogger, Sass Sasot and the seven senators of the Philippines for libel. Good luck woman, you definitely need it. 😀



She has other slanderous and insulting posts that may result to more libelous cases in the future. Jover Laurio called Prof. Antonio Contreras as “filthy mouth” and Asec Badoy as “retokada”.

Not surprising though. Jover has associations with the Liberal Party and they defended her. What’s amusing is none of her friends, colleagues or any from her social circle defended her.






Don’t get cheated by Globe Telecom (Review)

Thinking of applying for Globe’s DSL or LTE plans? I urge you to run as fast as you can. Don’t even consider subscribing NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE you are.

  1. Lying Agents –> agents will lie through their teeth saying you can avail 100 gb LTE plans with your 1299 bundle. Globe customer service via phone didn’t even bother to correct it.
  2. Canned response –> CSR (whether on Facebook, email or via phone) don’t solve problems. They give you what you want to hear and when your bill shows up, the problem stays.
  3. Connection problems/Hacked connection –> This is your biggest problem. Globe connections are prone to hackers and crackers. My Windows anti-virus and malware programs alert me of problems concerning my Internet connection. When the connection stops, all my devices (laptop, desktop and phone) alert me that attackers are targeting my devices. I use the same gadgets when I had PLDT, but this is the first time my connection is breached by outside assailants.
  4. HOOQ and Netflix fees –> Contrary to what you see online, YOU CAN’T remove your subscriptions. They are going to make you may Php 1000++ more than your subscription fees and THERE’S NO REFUND.


Globe is suffering because of continued hacking and data breach incidents. They are not being transparent with their customers. If you can choose another ISP, please do so. Globe plans to cheat all their customers for more profit.


plan 1299

plan 999

plan 1699

plan 1599

Globe vs PLDT vs SMART vs Bayantel